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"Life is not measured by the number of
the #socks we own but by the socks that
take our breath away."
- Maya Angelou

Make Your Co-Workers Jealous

By joining the Sox in a Box Club, you’re ready to take your sock game to the next level. Jerry from Accounting won’t even know what to do with himself when he sees the heat you’re showing up with Every. Single. Day.

Send the Gift of Style

You know when you were a kid, the idea of getting sox as a gift would have horrified you? Well, as an adult you know that is definitely not the case any longer. Send the gift of sox in a box to a friend or family member and watch as they proclaim you as the best gift giver ever.


Sox We’re Rockin’

Colorful Socks

Need to add a splash of color to your outfit? We’ve got you covered.

Bamboo Socks

Only the most comfy of cottons for your feet.

Plain Socks

Hey, sometimes a good quality pair of white sox are just what the doctor ordered.

Kids Socks

We even have mini sox for your favorite kid.

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